HIII blog!! sparkle on!! 6/8/2024

i never know how to start these augh. how do you in fact start a post where you just talk about yourself?? no idea but i guess this is a way to start it LOL. okay hi i am in project hell but not really since im having fun??? does that cancel it out? its fun though, ive been drawing a bunch, making a bunch of docs and socials, just an overall pretty fun time. im also getting into new fandoms which is always fun.

ive actually been trying to expand my fandom range, aka watching actual tv shows. i havent like done any of it yet but maybe the intentions still there...... i want to watch our flag means death, i hear people say its good and as a good omen fan i'll enjoy it so. maybe i'll check it out soon. ive also been going back to my roots and watching dantdms new series, its crazy how i was just a wee little child when i was watching his mod reviews and here i am. here he is with children my lord

nothing else crazy to talk about i guess. just been kinda busy doing my thing. i think the gmtk jam is coming up soon and probably by july i should start trying to find a team- i'll work on it when we get there.... but for now im just going to work on the things at hand. okay peace out gang
its been a month... oops 5/17/2024

you guys will eventually learn that i am very, very bad with time. anyways, what have i been doing recently? well i feel like i should give an update on the dog situation since its been a month! he is still here with us and adopted. hes a very silly guy. his name is mister amd as of now he is not getting along with our cat, but our cat doesnt seem to mind, so at least theres that. lol. anyways hes the cutest, i love him so much and ive also been going outside a lot more since i have to walk him so yay! grass!

speaking of grass..... minus walking my dog, i have not been getting much of it because im too busy playing monster prom hehe. once i heard that monster con is coming out i was like "omg this is my chance to buy and play all of the monster prom games!" and that i did! i now have the full collection and ive been having so much fun. i think my favorite game is camp or roadtrip, and i am in love with milo. they're so soidfnksd yk??? ok enough of that, i might make a shrine for the games soon :]

another thing.... hmmm... well im going on a trip very soon! since its my moms birthday, im pretty excited for that. ive also been working on improving my art and maybe testing my skills in the music realm. one has been going a bit better then the other lol, i dont have much of a rhythm apparently. the art thing has been going well though! who wouldve thought sitting down and trying to learn anatomy would, shockingly, make my art better.

OH and another thing! lego monkie kid s5 soon perhaps! yes, looking at the trailer, the animation is a bit stiffer and i am a bit sad about that but im too excited about the thought of a new lmk trailer so its not that bad. i cant wait to see more nezha and red son WOO

okay enough insane rambling for today bye byee
mmd is nice and my creativity is screaming 4/15/2024

ok so i remembered that mmd existed and that i learned how to use it so! ive been making a few things on there :D i actually made a few models beforehand for it named scarlet and blue, so ive been mostly using them for anything ive been making. i also just learned how to animate on there, so maybe i can finally stop using other peoples motions and use my own! its super fun, i love just looking for new things to experiment with. also seeing all the cool stuff people made, its just rly cool overall!

on other news, we're getting the a dog! at least for a month. hes a cute little guy. i just hope he doesnt get scared by our cat, who at this point, is bigger than him. when im writing this he hasnt come home yet, but i hope when he does everything will turn out alright!

and last little thing. one thing im very mad about. they removed ouran high school host club from netflix. which isnt a crazy thing, because you know, netflix changes their catalogue all the time, right? but the last time they removed an anime i liked, i couldnt watch it ANYWHERE without paying. i mean, it was gone from every streaming service. even crunchyroll, funimation. EVERYWHERE. and i can only pirate it! i still have but im dissapointed in netflix :[ also the anime was k-on for anyone wondering, one of my first animes its so cool

i think im done but i hope everyones having a good day, drink water, and im peacing out
first post wee woo 4/2/2024

Hi so this is mostly a test blog just to make sure this works but. i might as well rant about something anyways, yk?

ok so coding is so annoying bro. not only do things work only sometimes, if they work you try to put it in something and hey! it doesnt work anymore! or better yet, you get stuck on this one part in your code that just isnt working and you get super upset so you walk away, come back and then BOOM it was the most simple thing imaginable. i love coding man

anyways in terms of like actual blogging about my life lol, ive been pretty good. got a lot of things going on like working on this site, maybe making a game, working on a mod, and some other things i cant remember lol. ive also been working on my yt channel which has been pretty hype! its fun but very tiring to constantly work on videos, idk how these big yters do it honestly.

ok i think im going to shut up now BUT im pretty happy rn and my life isnt sucking so YEAH :]

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