i am so in love with monster prom right now.
im super excited for monster con as well! below you
can find some more info about everything :]

ive def grown to love this little hothead. idk why i find him so compelling, but i do! im not normally very into hotheaded characters, but i think hes simply too funny to pass up! hes the second person i successfully romanced in the og game, and it was very fun and suprisingly very easy.. i really love his little arc that ive gotten from so far, you can def tell hes a sweetheart. also i think that the fact he has 2 dads is also pretty cool, haha. idk i just really like him i think hes just a little guy. arson for the win fbi please dont come for me.

unlocked endings: 1      rating: 10/10      wiki

MILOOO MILOOOO the milo brainrot is actually so real rn. im normally pretty annoyed by characters who try to be hip and gen z but i really like milo. maybe its because their hot MAYBE but thats not that important haha..... no but they're so sweet i really like them. i think the internet is getting to them tho i mean please stay 3 seconds off stream honey please... anwyas yeah im kinda obessed u can tell because i have the most screenshots of them and they're my discord pfp. thats a very high status OK i also havent got their route in monster camp, only roadtrip so that'll be next hehe

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liam is a big fat nerd and i love him dearly. as a tmnt fan though, i am very slightly concerned on what that ninja turtle yoai was.... but uhm anyways yeah liam i dont have a strong reason for liking him, i just think hes a stupid dork and thats enough to please me. he was also the first person i ever romanced! idk the vampires are so silly man. i wanna go for him again in roadtrip if i dont suck at the game, lol. ok back to liam yea hes just a little nerd but thats okay hes my little nerd. also im so hype hes in monster prom im so proud of him

unlocked endings: 1      rating: 9/10      wiki

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